Kirsten-Johanne Inntjore

or KIJOIN which is my artist name

I, Kirsten-Johanne Inntjore, was born in 1958, grew up and reside in Norway. However, in reality I have become a foreigner and no longer have any preference for Norway ahead of other countries – people are people.

It is my opinion that the greatest challenge in a global context is evil among people.

Overconsumption, inequality, lack of freedom …, there are no bounds to the variations on this theme.

«Wolves disguised as angels» is another apparently more covert form. They may leave no room for discussion, infuriate many individuals; a concoction that is very carefully calculated.

It is more convenient for the pack to attack the one standing out than each other – MENTAL BEHEADING.

The texts are from my first website in 2015 and onwards.

Thanks to Daddy!

I have been and am still being robbed of a lot by being myself. But my father Yngvar had faith in his daughter for 47 years. He died in 2005 and left me a very dear suit.

This picture was taken about three weeks before Daddy died. He then wore his suit for the very last time. I have now incorporated part of the suit as the main element in the sculpture: «You raise me up».

«The Food of Life» that Daddy and I shared provides important sustenance for survival.

A detail from «EAR PROTECTION» 1999 – 2016


it was such a long time ago
that time you came to me so quietly
you were in turmoil
I can’t stand the new family
they think so very highly of themselves
you became very agitated and almost shouted out

the years passed
a «cancer tumor» showed up
spread in all its “sacredness”
what grows inside those with no respect
for other peoples’ way of presenting the problem

I know you are dead
it helps me to look back
remember what you had the courage to say
courage to stand for
I will never forget the time I asked you
could you please help me stoke the fire
you answered happy as a lark
sure I can
goodness warms the soul

at some point
put on ear protection
get out

Were you there...

The sculpture: «var du der…» (were you there …) displays the savagery we are capable of. The precursor to this visualization could have been the events that took place at Gukuharundi in Zimbabwe during the 1980s. A time with atrocities brutal beyond words.

In more recent times, we have the Syrian War, a hell more vile than any. But the real reason was the psychological abuse that caused mental outbursts from the abyss. The result was therefore a head simply discarded on an altar to be scorned. A bird shows compassion by encircling the protective vault while “the star in the nighttime sky” was able to catch the attention of one of the eyes.

Evil is in power. It makes a convenient decision and boldly strides forth. A spiritual war is no joking matter.

A detail from the sculpture
Created over the period 1999 – 2007

A detail from “Speaker’s corner” 2017 – 2018


I knock on your door
30 years have already passed since you worried
about me with the new family
I have now made the sculpture SPEAKERS’ CORNER
I need hearing protection
one is not welcome out of all closets
the majority have their unwritten rules
etching the soul

thank you for letting me own my living truth


You were invited both once, twice and thrice to the confirmation in the same town. People talk loudly of a Christian event, but what is really taking place?

One’s choice of clothing stirs interest, but when everyone’s belonging is presented, you become the leper. You are abandoned and the woman later shows up in a duet about Jesus.


As a thunderbolt from a clear blue sky, a “family priest’s wife” coldheartedly ask the most grotesque question any mother may be asked. The priest listens quietly and unshocked while you suffer a wound for life that will never heal.


Tablets taken concealed while seated by the dinner table for “normal” stomach pain, is frowned upon and determined to be “lunatic pills”.

You knew it all beforehand. A distorted judgement of you that will never end. Scratching below the surface of “HOLY” people results in hot iron branding they will forever repeat. If society does not allow any light to shine on the killing, mental reality experienced by so many, there will never be peace. This destructive side of people have many different faces, and the very teachers are us adults.

A detail from “The Last Bit” 1999 – 2020

The last bit

Winston Churchill is known for the statement: blood, toil, tears and sweat. For me, this is followed by: THE LAST BIT. The words “love” and “roses” with a touch of “angels”, have been misused to the extent I can no longer stand it. It is not about painting the world black, but to speak the truth about life to a greater extent than the majority will allow. To prevent “the light of day” is far more damaging for individuals than can be imagined.


wish you could have lived to see how your “personal” table has been turned into several pieces of art. When I took the table apart, I uncovered inspiring elements for experiencing life. What takes place between us humans for better or worse?

The image “HEAR ME” would have touched you. Noboby will be able to destroy your belief in me, the very core of Kirsten-Johanne. Your great conviction means the world to me.

A detail from “Hear Me” 2022 – 2023